What is Journey HQ?

Journey HQ is a new way of conducting Customer Journey Research. It allows clients to gain a real picture of their customers’ decision-making processes. By taking the researcher out of the equation, it does this without the distorting effect of setting research tasks and without relying on over-rationalised memory.

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Customer Journey Research reinvented

We’ve been conscious for a long while that traditional research techniques can’t fulfil the ever-increasing demand for more understanding of customer journeys. But recent thinking has highlighted their inadequacies like never before.

We no longer think of decision making as a rational, linear process. We know most decisions are made in an instant, with our emotional (System One) thinking. People don’t usually set out on a conscious decision journey, and when they do, they are influenced as much by chance encounters and little nudges as they are by consciously processed information.

Until now, customer journey research hasn’t adapted to this new understanding. Researchers ask people to record a set journey because it fits their clients’ way of thinking, or to keep a diary which people feel obliged to fill in - perhaps more than they would in real life. Researchers set tasks such as to recall the steps on a journey and people remember the significant ones, the ones that feel like research to them. They don’t remember or record the incidental comments, the overheard conversations, the glance in the shop window or the chance blog post.

A new approach to Customer Journey Research

Journey HQ allows us to capture and follow real journeys in real time without the distorting influence of a researcher asking questions or dictating actions.

Instead people use a smartphone app to capture all the little events that make up a journey, while our powerful web-based tools let researchers do the analysis and dig into the data without influencing the journeys themselves.

Marketers and researchers can see brand choices being made in the real world, while service providers can see the real sources of influence on their customers’ experience. Both can identify touchpoints and ‘trigger moments’ they had not recognised before.

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The simplest, least intrusive research app ever designed

There are plenty of mobile research apps that make it easy for researchers to bombard their respondents with tasks and questions wherever they are.

We’ve taken the opposite approach and made our app so easy to use that people barely notice the process. We don’t set tasks and we don’t ask questions, we just ask people to use their smartphone to capture all the influences and relevant events, big and small. It’s up to them what they record, we don’t push them into doing things they wouldn’t normally do.

More importantly, this means we capture the incidental things that traditional research misses. That even extends to the things they didn’t do, things they nearly did and days when nothing happened at all

The first app to record emotion

People will always tend to describe rational influences, and we can’t ask them to record their subconscious. But we can ask them to capture their emotional state at every step of the journey, which means researchers can identify moments of involvement or disengagement and trace their influence. Do people feel clear or confused after comparing products in store? Does a trawl around price comparison sites leave people feeling confident or despairing? Do friends push the decision or do price offers?

Powerful analysis tools put you at the heart of your customers’ journeys

Most mobile research packs its features into the app. We pack ours where they belong – into analysis tools that help researchers and marketers understand their customers’ journeys in all their complexity and subtlety.

You can watch journeys as they unfold or you can scroll back over time to trace triggers and sources of influence. You can compare any number of journeys, over time and across geographical borders. Our unique graphical display allows you to spot patterns of behaviour, compare similar events or track different sequences. You can create playlists, output data, and analyse in two and three dimensions.

Or you can ask our experienced researchers to do all this for you.

If you’d like to arrange a walkthrough, call us on +44 (0)845 591 1796 or email [email protected]. We’d be delighted to show you how it works and set you up to try out the platform.